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Part 8: Writing Copy.

Marketing 101: Part 8 - wRITING GREAT COPY!

Writing great copy!

Many people worry about writing copy, they have a great fear of it, so here are some tips, tricks and recommendation's for copy that works. Note I said these tips can help you create copy that works, I deliberately did not say great copy, nor perfect, nor even good, but I did say copy 'that works' and copy that works is perfect!

1. Don't over think it. Rule 1 is cover the basics; check your spelling, try to get the grammar right, but don't sweat it to much.

2. Make sure you have a vision of your client in mind. That will help you use the correct language, visuals and tone. (A small tip: I usually give my ideal client a name, and actual persona, in my mind, and when I am writing copy I am writing something that appeals to that person. (So hello James and Sheila!)

3. Remember what are you trying to do with your marketing. You are solving a problem that your client has - you need to make sure they have the problem and your solution. The job of your marketing is to make the client get in touch with you. ( i have talked about A.I.D.A. a couple of times. (Attention, Interest, Develop, and Action) Attention via your headline or graphic, get their interest and develop the message and get them to Action)

Lets look at an example. You own a Restaurant. Well we all need to eat, but why pay to have someone cook? The answer lies in one of the tricks of copy writing? Write a headline that answers the question - What problem do you solve?

  • Fast food on the go! (for the busy commuter)?
  • Home cooked food without the dishes! (for the overworked parents)?
  • Exotic flavours for a different experience (for a great date night)?

These are all emotional statements, based on different target customers for different reasons.

3. You can then write a SHORT statement to back up your headline. Just tell them what you do.

Fast Food one the go! Free if not served within 5 min.

Great burger selection, stacked with all your favourites, served with a variety of sides, including salad, and a wide selection of drinks. All served within 5 min or it's free!

4. Back up your statement with at least one - but no more than two, quotes from clients endorsing your product, and always put a name with the quote!

"I have never had such an explosion of flavours. Every course was delight and the service was exceptional" Peter - East Calder

5. Get the customer to make contact just needs to be a simple "Call now for reservations 01324 123456" or you could try for a more dramatic - "To ensure a reservation call 01324 123456" BUT Always make sure you add a CALL to Action.

As I have stated before there is a lot to think about, but poor marketing is better than no marketing, and great marketing can lead to a very successful business. If you want help we have designers on hand that are experienced at grabbing attention and making your marketing materials stand out.

If you want any help with your marketing contact me today.

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