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Part 6: Segmentation

Marketing 101: Part 6 - Segmentation? Whats that?

This is the sixth in a series with simple tips on improving how you promote yourself and your business. Today we are going to cover Segmentation.


One of the common mistakes many small businesses make is they think of marketing, or more strictly, promotion, is just the acquisition of new customers. There is no doubt that acquiring new customers should always be an important part of your marketing mix, but your retention strategy, that is keeping customers and making them repeat clients, advocates for your business or even champions is essential to your long term growth.

So segmentation at a very basic level is marketing to acquire new clients, and marketing to existing customers to encourage repeat sales. You might use mailings, leaflets, or posters to acquire new customers and discount vouchers or other reward schemes to help you retain customers.

TIP: One of the best ways of marketing your business is referrals, after all you have just done a good job for a client - use them to advocate your business and something that gives them a small reward for a referral, as well as the new client can be very effective.

Segmentation does not have to be complex but it might be worth thinking about segmenting your marketing for both acquisition and retention. For instance if you are a hairdresser that deals with clients aged 16 - 99, a different message may resonate with different age groups. If you look at your previous customers it may be worth looking at a different message for recent clients, clients who have not bought for at least 6 months and those who have not bought for over a year.

As I have stated before there is a lot to think about, but poor marketing is better than no marketing, and great marketing can lead to a very successful business. If you want help we have designers on hand that are experienced at grabbing attention and making your marketing materials stand out.

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