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Part 1: Marketing Basics

Part 1 The Basics of Marketing

To help YOU promote YOUR business, Falkirk based Minuteman Press are sending out a series of emails on how to do just that!

My name is Keith and I own this local business. This is the first in a series of emails with simple tips on improving how you promote yourself and your business.

Lets start with the basics:

The 5 P's of Marketing


When communicating your product or service - be specific and be precise on the details of what you do. Explain what problem you solve for your clients. What is the quality level, warranty, support? Will you get repeat business or up-sale potential?


Yes you have to price competitively, but that price must be enough to cover your time, investment and all costs. When do you expect payment? How will people pay. Is there enough margin if selling via a 3rd party?


Who are your clients (or prospects) - What problems do you solve for them. How far are you willing to travel or do you expect them to come to you?


How are you going to let people know what you do and where you are, in the most cost effective manner? Do you advertise, use PR, leaflets, web search? How much are you willing to pay to acquire a new customer?


How do you sell? Direct? (Shop, on-line) Via sales channels? What logistic issues do you face?

The good news is you have probably answered all those questions and are already trading and trading well, but how can you be more effective at promoting your business?

When writing an advert, flyer, web page here is a small Neumonic to help you write and design something that SELLS - A.I.D.A!


The first thing you must do in this world of vast amounts of information is grasp the ATTENTION of your target. This can be a graphic or a headline. This can be done by placing ads in unusual locations, through a shock factor or personalisation Easiest way is to think newspaper copy - TITANIC SINKS!


Having got the targets attention you want to keep it so your target reads your copy - you need to get INTEREST - Newspaper sub heading - OVER 1500 FEARED DEAD!


Now you need to convey your marketing message aimed at the person you want to buy to create a DESIRE to buy. This could be a picture of a happy client, a finished product or copy to create that desire.


This is the MOST important element of any promotional material - get the CLIENT to do something - ACTION! Think about this. It may be as simple as BUY NOW!, CALL NOW! or "Click here for further information" - But not every call to action is a sale, but it should take your prospect to the next stage of the sales process.

If If you want any help in how to apply AIDA to your marketing contact me today.

We provide a full suite of products and services to help you promote your business including ...

  • creative design
  • promotional products
  • custom apparel
  • signs and banners
  • brochures

... and more. Please call me now if you have any questions at all.

KEITH 01324 613636